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Extract Timestamps From Live RTSP Stream

I would like to extract the timestamps of a given RTSP feed and stream them. I just want to get fed the timestamps for each frame - I will handle streaming the timestamp. I do not need the timestamp for every frame - I need about 1 per second. Is there a way to do this through Wowza and its Java SDK?.

I am not a wowza expert, but when using RTSP you send a timestamp with each frame. That doesn’t really have to match real time or even the absolute stream time (for example it could start at 1 hour). But, the time-stamp does have to increase with each frame (usually the duration of the previous frame). You might be able to extract these time stamps and create what you need. Another option is to send the time stamp as a caption in an h264 stream (SEI data). While this is technically possible, I am not sure of the tools required to inject and extract the SEI data to make it happen.

Oh and one other option is to ‘burn’ the timestamp on the video frame and use OCR to convert the time stamp back to numbers. That’s a hack, but it would work.


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