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Extron SME 100 Encoder & Wowza 4.1 at EC2

Looking for info on how to set up the SME 100 with a Wowza 4.1 running at EC2, apparently the encoder is using RTP.

We have the encoder working okay locally, but need to know which field in the encoder settings needs to be set and of course which are the receiving values for the Wowza server. Which portno to use, 1935? It is not clear which field to set and what values to set and use.

At the Extron web-site they are only referring to the old Wowza 3.0 server running in house.

Or if there is another encoder that is working well with the Wowza 4.1 server.

Extron have a fairly out of date document relating to streaming to Wowza. Skimming through it, it looks like you could send the stream as a UDP push stream. This is similar to this article where you create a stream file with udp:// in Wowza and configure the encoder to push a UDP TS stream to the Wowza IP address.

It also suggests that Wowza can pull an RTSP stream from the encoder, where you would create a stream file in Wowza with the RTSP source of your encoder. In this way Wowza controls when to ingest the stream, similar to how it’s described in this article. The Extron document does look a bit out of date, but the settings should still be relevant for Wowza Streaming Engine. They may have a more up to date version of the doc for the current version of Wowza, but I suspect it’ll still work ok as described.