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Facebook fail over - Backup stream key


Currently using a Wowza server to stream to Facebook.
I have been looking at doing failovers from the primary stream key to the backup stream key.

I have done some similar tests with OBS and getting a similar result - when it the failover occurs I get an error message saying “Live Video Interrupted - The Broadcast has been paused. It should resume shortly.”

This used to be resolved with a refresh of the page, but it seems at the moment it’s unable to recover.

The player plays the last 20 seconds of video before the primary key was stopped OR attempting to play will cause it to do nothing.

I can see in the console that it will either say a 404 on trying to get the video from the FBCDN.

Unsure if it could be related to the recent work on RTMPs by Facebook or if this is a similar issue that was raised here -

If anyone has experienced this please let me know :slight_smile:

Hi @Jack Cornelius, I’m not sure you’re looking for a consultant to help you with this, but if you’re not, I’d submit a support ticket to Wowza. The FB API has changed lately and with the latest requirements for security, tech support would need to assist you with this, if it’s at all possible to do with the same token.