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Facebook live stream won't end

I’m using Wowza Streaming Engine to simulcast to my website and Facebook. OBS Encoder. Latest version for all software. Everything works great, except when I stop streaming in OBS, the Facebook Live video won’t end - it says it’s paused. I found a post in this forum that says you can end it manually through Facebook Publishing Tools, but it would be nice if the Facebook stream would just end automatically when I stop broadcasting:

Is there a setting in Streaming Engine Manager or Stream Targets I’m missing?

Hey @Kevin Stanton, that’s odd. How long does it continue to show that it’s paused? Per our documentation:

After the Facebook stream target initiates a live video post, the video post in Facebook is labeled LIVE. If the live source stream is disconnected, Facebook puts the video post into a “waiting” state. If the live stream is reconnected quickly, the video post resumes after a short recovery period.

However, if it takes more than a few minutes for the live source stream to reconnect, Facebook will automatically “close” the live video post and start converting it to an on-demand video file.

Do you have anything from the logs that may be helpful for debugging? Thank you.

Thanks for this. It may have said “waiting”. I wasn’t aware that it waits a few minutes before ending the stream so it’s possible that I did not wait long enough. I will try again and check my logs and get back to you. Thanks!

Ok no problem. Let us know if it stays in “waiting” stage.

Okay, it looks like the stream does end after a few minutes and does not stay in Waiting mode. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Oh great, you are welcome @Kevin Stanton! A Wowza engineer let me know of a setting you may want to take a peek at. If you have it checked, it could result in behavior such as FB expecting the stream to continue and it will not result in a VOD when stream ends. So, you should be aware of it and know it is mostly meant for 24/7 IP camera streams. It’s best to have this unchecked for your scenario.

You can find it here: