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Facebook Live streaming - after login, it goes back to "login to your facebook account"

Hi. I have WSE 4.7.1. I am trying to send a transcoder stream to Facebook Live. When I create the Stream Target, I give the stream name of the transcoder output stream (the source stream is in 1080p). I know Wowza has contacted Facebook as there is an entry in my Facebook settings for Wowza. When I create the Target, and click the button to log in to FB, it does so, returns to the Target page, changes the “Log in to Facebook …” message ever so briefly and returns to “Log in to Facebook …” and I can never Add this target as the button is perpetually “greyed” out. Any hints?

I’m going to answer myself, in case someone else has a similar problem. The Facebook account I am streaming to is a business’ page. I was trying to log-in with the account that created the business in Facebook. In order to stream to that type of page, Facebook needs a personal account that is authorized to manage the pages (Admin or Editor level). I changed the login on Wowza to my personal account and selected the type as “Page” and the business’ page. Works well now.