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Facebook live with wowza

Hi , can any one suggest me Curl command to Enable Stream Targets For facebook live with wowza post body for it. i go throw link but not get proper solution for facebook live.

I created an access token of Facebook with app id and secret key.

The generated access token is in the format 477xxxxxxxxx|Pxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_dxxxx-pxx.

But by using this access token in rest api for creating the Facebook target. I got target error.

So When I look on the pushmapfile of wowza , in whichit containes the details of manually create a facebook target with access token in the format


So please tell me, how to create an access token for facebook target which is in the required wowza format for creating a facebook streaming?

When using the REST API to configure Wowza Streaming Engine to send a stream to Facebook Live, you must first use an external Facebook application that you’re developing to acquire a Facebook access token. Note the following requirements for the external Facebook application:

  • The app must have the required user and account permissions to post live videos to Facebook Live.
  • The app’s Require App Secret option must be disabled.