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Facebook streaming directly from GoCoder

Is it possible to directly stream to facebook through GoCoder. I read the examples and saw the video, all those examples are asking me to connect with engine and from there transmit to Facebook. That is fine for an individual users but I am developing a facebook application for my company, it will have lot of users and they have to directly live broadcast to facebook.

I am using the code like this, I want to pass that stream_url to GoCoder activity so that it can live stream the video directly to facebook. Is there any way to do it

startButton.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {<br>    public void onClick(View v) {<br>        try {<br>            GraphRequest request = GraphRequest.newPostRequest(<br>                    AccessToken.getCurrentAccessToken(),<br>                    "/" + Profile.getCurrentProfile().getId() + "/live_videos",<br>                    new JSONObject("{\"title\":\"Today's Live Video\",\"description\":\"TV app.\"}"),<br>                    new GraphRequest.Callback() {<br>                        @Overridepublic void onCompleted(GraphResponse response) {<br>                            try {<br>                                Bundle sendBundle = new Bundle();<br>                                sendBundle.putString("stream_url", response.getJSONObject().get("stream_url").toString());<br>                                Intent i = new Intent(MainActivity.this, StreamingActivity.class);<br>                                i.putExtras(sendBundle);<br>                                startActivity(i);<br><br>                            } catch (Exception e) {<br>                                Log.e("Err", e.toString());<br>                            }<br>                        }<br>                    });<br>            request.executeAsync();<br>        }catch (Exception e){<br>            Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this,e.toString(),Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();<br>        }<br>    }<br>});

This is a common request we get @Subramanian Raj, but unfortunately due the privacy settings in the FB Live API, we don’t have a workflow to support this. You will have to manage those security tokens required by FB yourself for any streams.

You can see a more thorough explanation in thus post that was answered by one of our engineers. Sorry for any inconvenience, but this is nothing we can change on our end.