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Facebook workplace

Hi there … I’m in a project involving Facebook Workplace. In the corporate network, there’s a Wowza Streaming infrastructure for internal events and VOD, using local network bandwidth

The questions is if there’s a way to integrate Facebook workplace in a way the stream is done using the internal infrastructure instead of the all users streaming from Facebook CDN for any live event published through workplace.


Hello Gustavo,

At this time this is not an option for Workplace, as this 3rd party service requires external sending of the broadcast and internal receiving of the broadcast through their platform.

However internal network broadcasts can be achieved with an internal Wowza Streaming Engine instance, you would need to contact to inquire about any offline license options to begin the discussion and our team now offers Professional Services to help

This would be outside of Workplace so it may not be the exact fit for your desired workflow.

Please let us know if you have any follow up questions.

Jason Hatchett
Technical Support Supervisor – Wowza Media Systems