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Failed to execute 'appendBuffer' on 'SourceBuffer'

When using the Wowza Player the player stops and throws the error, “Failed to execute ‘appendBuffer’ on ‘SourceBuffer’” the full trace is below. The player also constantly prints, “INFO: PlayerStreamer: - DRAIN init video.” Thanks for your help in advance.

Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute ‘appendBuffer’ on ‘SourceBuffer’: The SourceBuffer is full, and cannot free space to append additional buffers. at v6ZS.appendNextAudioChunkWork ( at at v6ZS.waitForUpdateEnd ( at v6ZS.appendNextAudioChunk ( at v6ZS.appendNextAudioChunkWork @ wowzaplayer.js:1 (anonymous) @ wowzaplayer.js:1 v6ZS.waitForUpdateEnd @ wowzaplayer.js:1 v6ZS.appendNextAudioChunk @ wowzaplayer.js:1 (anonymous) @ wowzaplayer.js:1 setTimeout (async) (anonymous) @ wowzaplayer.js:1

Hey Chris,

Were you able to fix this? What is your environment like?

I see the same thing. I have a react environment, and I’m connecting to the ultra-low latency preview.