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Failed update from 4.8.19+1 to 4.8.24+4

Attempted update to 4.8.24 and the server would not start. Ensured that Java jre-11.0.2-http from the wowza website as installed. Reinstalled the jre and the server continued to fail startup with no discernable error. Removed jre-11.0.2-hhtp and went back to jre-9. Rolled back the wowza update with “install.bat -u” and the streaming engine will now start and works properly. But, the server manager now returns a html 404 error.

Using jre-11.0.2 allows the server manager to start, but the engine fails. Using jre-9 the server manager fails but the streaming engine starts. Currently running jre-9 so the users are unaffected, but we are unable to manage the streaming engine.

It appears the Wowza update rollback did not remove the update to the streaming manager. I opened a support ticket several days ago and have not heard back. We are experiencing an issue where the live stream stops at 1 hr 15 minutes an need to have both engine and manager running.

Anyone else experienced problems with the update or rolling an update back?

Thank you.


Also, this is installed on Windows Server 2012. System has been running without issue since version 4.2.0 and received regular updates. We currently provide VOD of meetings, live streams of traffic, and live streams of meetings in progress.

I am a server admin, not a video guru, but we have managed to deploy and use Wowza with little trouble for several years.

Thanks you