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Fb Group members are unable to view my live video

I’m using Wowza gocoder, and wowza cloud to stream to facebook but I’m not using a facebook live stream target instead I’m going for a custom stream target and adding stream target name and url.

I assume you have GoCoder sucessfully connected to Wowza Streaming Cloud? Let us know if you need help with this.

Connecting to Facebook Live, using a custom target, is an acceptable solution. Are you using RTMPS to publish to Facebook Live? To confirm, in Wowza Streaming Cloud, edit the Stream Target (Advanced > Stream Targets) and selected “RTMPS” from the drop down, listed under Provider. Populate the Primary URL with the RTMP address and the stream name, available when creating a live stream, in the Facebook Live producer.

Thanks for the reply Tim These are the steps I’m going through.

1 I’m creating live video via producer.
2 I’m creating streamtarget on Wowza using the cloud.
3 I’m using the url till rtmp without the slash
4 im using the rest of the url as stream name.
5 i’m using rtmps indeed.

I can stream to facebook and can see the live videos but unfortunately my team members are not see it this is the screen shot of the error on facebook.

Hi Tim thanks for the reply. I’m following the same procedure and I’m indeed using the live url and provider being “rtmps”

Should the live url have the keyword rtmp in it?

I’m not getting the issue when I’m using facebook live stream target or
when I create a live stream from the live video api composer from facebook

how ever I’m using graph api from facebook to get the streamkey and the url.

the video is streaming to the facebook patform and it is visible to me but for members of my group it shows this error message


Interesting. I can validate that you’re setting up properly in Wowza Streaming Cloud. Given that you have a sucessful connection to Facebook Live, that would be the extent of your Wowza configuration.

This access issue is definitley on the Facebook side. It’s my understanding that you can set different privacy options, when streaming to your personal time line. When streaming to a “Page that you manage” the streams are public, by default. I’d suggest experimenting with different settings, in Facebook Live Producer. Also, consider setting up a test Facecook page, if you haven’t already.

Hello Mahitej,

I would suggest checking the Wowza Streaming Cloud App settings on Facebook.

This pinned post for our Wowza ClearCaster will guide you to review the settings, FIRST, you do not need to remove the application, you will want to check to see what the default privacy setting is marked as in the Facebook side app settings :

For broadcast permissions, the Group administrator has to grant you permission to broadcast and this detail should also be reviewed with the Group Administrator.

The group Admin will need to ensure the App has been added to the group:

Please review these details and let our team know if you are still facing issues broadcasting to your Group.


Jason Hatchett
Technical Support Supervisor – Wowza Media Systems

Hi Jason this helped me when I was using the fb live stream target. Where as when I’m streaming to facebook via a custom stream target this is not working. It doesent matter if I have the app installed in the group or not.

Althought it is streaming and I can see the video in vod later group members are unable to view the stream. so the question here is why would it work when I’m using facebook live stream target and why does it not work when I’m using a custom stream target?.

does fb need permissions to stream to a live video object ?
what is the internal implimentation of fb live stream target

hi Jason do you think this could be because of the fact that I’m currently using the freetrail one and I dont have an ssl certifciate set up? do you think this might make the stream rtmp instead of rtmps and thats what is causing the privacy issue ?

Sorry guys my bad my app was in development hence the useres were not able to view any content posted via that api request

Hello Mahitej,

Is the custom target using the rtmps as required and using the Stream Key provided from the Facebook side?

If the answer to both of these is yes then we would need to move to a ticket:


Jason Hatchett
Technical Support Supervisor – Wowza Media System