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Feature request - GUI update without restart

In our workflow with Wowza, we often manually create applications for live streaming via the terminal on the server itself or through an automated process of copying the settings of each application. The application works great immediately after it is created, but we are bothered by the fact that these applications do not appear in the GUI (Wowza Manager) interface, until we restart Wowza. Is there a way to refresh the list of created applications without restarting, we were in touch with your support some time ago, but the answer was negative, we also did not discover this possibility ourselves, so we ask for the implementation of something like this.


I understand the inconvenience of having to restart Wowza to see newly created applications in the GUI. Unfortunately, Wowza does not provide a built-in method to refresh the list of applications without restarting the service. This still falls into Feature Request. You can create a ticket for Wowza Support and check for the update.

However, there might be a workaround you could consider. You could create a script that restarts Wowza automatically after creating a new application. This way, you could automate the process of creating applications and refreshing the GUI. Keep in mind that automatically restarting Wowza may briefly interrupt ongoing streams, so it’s essential to plan for this in your workflow.

Thank you.

Regards, Umair

FWIW, we find that we only need to logout of the manager website and log back in for API created applications to appear. There’s no need to restart anything.

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Thank you for your responses. I have already submitted a request to add new features, but it was a long time ago; maybe it’s worth trying again. Unfortunately, the solution of restarting Wowza is not OK. since we always have active streams, and we cannot afford interruptions. I was hoping there might still be a possibility to refresh the GUI without restarting. The method of refreshing by logging out and back in also works only when creating applications via the API. Thank you for that response too.

Regards, Matija