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Feature Request

Hi there,
Akamai has a nice Feature for his Streaming-CDN. The “Token-Revocation”. With Token-Revocation API you can make anytime any generated Secure-Token invaild and the Playback stops in Player that uses this Token with HTTP-Error 403 (Forbidden). This would be a nice Feature for the Wowza Video Platform.

Why not use the IP Adress for Secure-Token Generation? If you cast a Livestream from a PC / Handy / Tablet to a Chromecast or a AppleTV (Airplay) Device AND your Internet-Connection has a IPv6 and IPv4 Adress, the casting can fail. For Example, German Telekom uses IPv4 and IPv6 for many of their Consumer Broadband Connections.

Reason is that IPv6 normally has priority, but not for Chromecast and AppleTV. If the Internet-Connection has IPv4 and IPv6 Adress, both Devices priorize the IPv4 and dont use the IPv6. We have tested this with Akamai-Engeneers. But if the Token comes from a Website or App, the PC / Handy / Tablet use the IPv6 for connection to Webserver. Then the Token will generated with the IPv6. Any Player on the Playback-Device runs fine, but the casting fails because the Casting-Devices use the IPv4 for connect the CDN. If we generate the Token without IP, the Stream-URL can easy copied.

I hope you unterstand the Problem and why i ask for this Feature.