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Flash RTMP Adaptive streamign with Transcoder


After setting up the transcoder I can get all individual streams running of the two stream groups. I can also see the video on iOS and test the Smooth Streaming from Wowza example players from Wowza Streaming Engine Manager.

But no matter what I try I cant get the Adobe RTMP example to work with ngrp. I tried:


and nothing happens. Is the test player for Adobe RTMP able to consume ABR stream from Wowza transcoder? What is the correct URL?




Did you try playing back the RTMP stream using the following URL format?


The URL format you are trying is specific for Adobe HTTP stream, but you are using the rtmp://. It should be http://, like this:




No, ngrp is not supported directly for RTMP Dynamic Streaming. Take a look at the RTMP Dynamic Streaming example in the JW Player article, which shows how to leverage server-side MediaList (including ngrp) in JW player’s RTMP Dynamic Streaming implementation.


A .smil file and the ngrp (StreamNameGroup) of the Wowza Transcoder are both MediaLists. The client is seeing the same thing. Server-side MediaList does not work in Flash Dynamic Streaming, but there is that convenience method of generating the client-side smil file from a server-side smil or ngrp (or amlst, dynamic MediaList).


Dear Zoran there are two issues:

1.) The RTMP is suppose to be capable of ABR when using ngrps? If I enter this:



In to the test player for RTMP, it says stream not found or access denied.

2.) The HTTP which you suggest is Apple HDS. That example actually works in the “Test Players” section of the Wowza Stream Engine manager.

Should RTMP also be working?



If I look at this article:

ngrp is not mentioned at all. Everything is directed towards manual smil file generation. In the current thread you mention that ngrp will work for all except for Adobe Flash (RTMP). Correct? Is Smil generation now automatic via ngrp for all except for RTMP?