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Forward video to another server


Could you help me with some issues, please?

I want to use Wowza to forward (or send directly) a live-stream to another server, different than the wowza streaming engine, using the android app.

The reason is the following: I have for example 2 or 3 phones that stream a video to server X (my server). The server will decide which one is the most important video (let’s assume we have Video1, Video2 and Video3, all live-streams. I send those videos from 3 different phones to the server. The server chose Video1 as the most important video for the moment. After 30 seconds decides that Video2 is the most important, and so on). This video (video1, then video2) will be forwarded to a web page or maybe Facebook.

So the question is, is there any way to do this using the wowza streaming engine + gocoder written with the SDK?

If there are any other question regarding this or if I wasn’t very clear, please let me know.

Thank you,


Wowza Streaming Engine uses what are called Stream Targets to distribute live streams to other servers and locations. We have several articles on this. Below is one for using RTMP to deliver content to third party destinations.

Wowza Streaming Engine does not have logic to decide which live stream is “best”, however you can control stream targets using our REST API.

The “decide” part will be implemented on my own server. The only thing that I need is to be able to redirect the live-stream from Wowza streaming engine to my server.

Ok then, I’ll read the article and I hope it gonna help. Thank you very much for your reply :slight_smile: