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Future paid versions?


glad to see that Wowza now also offers a HTML5 based webplayer and that it is included with Streaming Engine and Streaming Cloud subscriptions!

One question to the FAQ:


“Future paid versions will include custom branding/skinning and detailed analytics features are planned.”

means that there is a charge to pay for future releases?



I cannot say for sure, but it would make sense that the free version will remain free, and the paid version will be available for those that need/want the additional features.



Thanks Salvadore.

Why is it not possible to remove the Wowza Logo in the upper left corner?

And I had no luck with renaming “stringAuto” property. “stringLiveLabel” works but not the other one.



Hello Andreas,

The option to remove the Logo is on the road map but I do not have a time frame for when that will become available.

I do want to ask that you submit a support ticket concerning the properties that you are trying to adjust.

This will also allow our team to review the Type of license being used as well as the Service (Wowza Streaming Cloud vs Wowza Streaming Engine) in use.


Jason Hatchett