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Generate Java for RestAPI for remote access


I’ve tried to generate the Java code for Wowza Streaming Engine by using Swagger Codegen client library with the rest api url, but the generated code contains errors (cannot find symbol… classes that do not exists).

Does someone managed to generate some java code to invoke the rest API ?

My command line :

java -jar swagger-codegen-cli-2.3.1.jar generate -l java -c config.json -o output -i http://localhost:8089/api-docs/v2/servers/_defaultServer_/vhosts/_defaultVHost_/applications

My config.json :

{<br>  "groupId":"",<br>  "artifactId":"yyyy",<br>  "artifactVersion":"0.0.1-SNAPSHOT",<br>  "library":"resttemplate",<br>  "invokerPackage":"",<br>  "apiPackage":"",<br>  "modelPackage":"",<br>  "serializableModel":"true"

Example of unknown generated class :


Please help