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Get bitrate from stream when generating dynamic smil


I am converting single video to multibitrate.

Let say if you upload video of 720p bitrate then i am generating video of different bitrate like 360p,240p etc.

But, If you have already uploaded video before my implementation then that original video should play.

I am generating dynamic smil file and providing that smil file when video plays.

Now,If there is no video found in different bitrate then original video (uploaded video) should play.

What should i do for that? Is there any way to achieve this?

Can I get video bitrate from stream? because what i think , I have generated video in different bitrate and append that bitrate at the end , so what i will do i check if file exist which name ended with _240p,_360p etc. then play that video else play original video and for that i need to set original bitrate which i will get from stream.

Please help me to get bitrate from the coming stream.



If these are VOD files then you can query the file using a tool such as ffprobe (part of the ffmpeg suite) which will show the bitrate.