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Get HLS Chunk IDs for edges

Is there a way to get the current chunk ID of a liverepeater-edge?

I have accessed the chunk IDs for the origin app using (LiveStreamPacketizerCupertino)stream.getLiveStreamPacketizer(“cupertinostreamingpacketizer”).getLastChunkId(), but on the edge app the packetizers are empty. Is there a way that I can access the packetizer for the repeater or the repeater object itself, so that I can look up what chunk it is on? I want to see if my edges are falling behind or if they are getting out of sync with the origin.

Also, I am setting my own chunk IDs using IHTTPStreamerCupertinoLiveStreamPacketizerChunkIdHandler on an origin, and the .ts results are reflecting the change. However, when I view a live stream over an

edge the chunk IDs are reverting back to their default and starting at 1, not the custom IDs that I’ve set. Is there a way for the edges to follow the chunk id of the origin?


Hello Lloyd

I would take a look at our IHTTPStreamerCupertinoLivePacketizerDataHandler2 interface and you could leverage getChunkIndex on your edge (or an array of other methods via the LiveStreamPacketizerCupertinoChunk object).