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Get Live Viewers/Listeners

Dear Guys,

I know that if we are admin we can see Viewers/Listners count from http://[wowza-ip]:8086/connectioncounts

But how if we are not admin ? Can i get this info even i don’t have access to administration console ?

Can i see on wowza stream the count of Viewers/Listeners publicly?

This connectioncounts is it only private access ?

Thank you.
Best Regards,

Hello @ferero_fareo, Yes, there is a way you could allow this, but you would need to set the authentication to none on that specific HTTP Provider.

We have a doc showing the code for where that would be as well as more info on http providers and connection counts. If you’d like some help with it, please feel free to submit a support ticket and a wowza engineer will work with your configuration.

Hi !
Thanks for reactivity and your answer,
So this information, the number of (connections), is only private ? Wowza API do not expose this data without authentication ?
When i set authentication to none, where did i find the connectioncounts ? on the same url path ?(http://[wowza-ip]:8086/connectioncounts)
I’m asking for stream that i don’t have the control (i’m not the streamer, and i don’t have access)


I think we need to have a better understanding of how you have this configured so we can offer the proper advice to the administrator of the Engine server. You should be able to see the connection counts for any stream coming into an application on your server.

Please submit a ticket so an engineer can review your configuration and properly guide you. Thanks.

Hi! to be clear,

I’m not the streamer, but when i watch some online stream (with Wowza Streaming Video/Audio), i want to see how much Viewers/Listeners is currently online.

i’m not the admin so i can’t have access to dashboard, so my question was :
- its possible to get this info from server without being admin and without having access ?
- is this info is fully protected information ?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh I see. Well, you may not need to be admin, but you will need to have API access on port 8087. There’s an API call that can be made to return connection stats. As a best practice, the information should be protected by a username and password.

You would need to contact the person who is running the stream so have access to that. Some people allow a plugin that shows the number of viewers so there are ways to show it. The wowza dashboard for connections is private though unless the admin gives you permission as I stated above.

Hope you get it worked out so you can see it!

Thank your for answering, let me guess so, without any permission, i cannot have access to this information.
even for the API on port 8087, is a prive API (not public, only with access guaranteed).

Just wrote this up. Please check it out. I believe this is what you want to do eventually from security perspective.