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Getting connection timeout in android app

I had integrated GoCoder SDK in my android app and also set details from Engine but all time i am getting connection timeout error. what to do now?

Hello @Vasantika Sindhi, sorry that is happening. We have several posts on this issue and here is one here for you to refer to. You can enter the topic in the search bar above to find them as well. We try to keep the correct answer in one place so community members only have to view one post to get the right answer.

Restarting my phone fixed the issue for me!

In Windows 10, if you open Windows Firewall and Advanced Security, you will need to create a new Inbound Rule to allow for connections on port 1935. If you click on “New Rule” and select “Port” instead of “Program”, you should be able to build a TCP rule for port 1935, allowing these inbound connections.