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Getting "Session not accepted" with HLS streaming

Seems that our wowza HLS implementation might be having some session errors, I just want to know if these are critical (ie: will cause playback issues for users) or if they are just warnings and the client will fix it on it’s own.

WARN    server  comment 2013-05-08      11:16:23        -       -       -       -       -       3803.699        -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       HTTPStreamerAdapterCupertinoStreamer.onPlaylist[vod/mp4:/5/6/5/0/0/3/300565.mp4/playlist.m3u8]: Session not accepted[202089201]
WARN    server  comment 2013-05-08      12:40:34        -       -       -       -       -       2.101   -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       HTTPStreamerAdapterCupertinoStreamer.onPlaylist[vod/mp4:/3/1/4/8/9/2/298413.mp4/playlist.m3u8]: Session not accepted[903692080]

Any help would be great, thanks.

This looks like result of server-side Module with onHTTPSessionCreate handler doing httpSession.rejectSession(). It is a HLS (cupertino) playback stream.

Wowza accepts all session requests by default. You have to use a custom module to reject a session. Do you have something installed? Look in the /conf/vod/Application.xml /Modules list.


Great! Thanks for the update.


Right you are!

I thought it had been removed. Thanks.