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Go coder SDK iOS listener information for video render pause and resume


we are implementing auto reconnect in case of video stuck due bad network of any other issue. we need some listener which can tell regarding incoming video frame. can you provide regarding some listener which can help to identify that stream is still receiving the data. Some thing like video render paused and resumes


You can register in the SDK for callback notifications. This will alert you to any errors:

Add callbacks to monitor the broadcast’s status updates and errors.

  1. Update the interface definition for the ViewController class to include the WOWZStatusCallback protocol, which monitors status updates and errors during live stream broadcast.
Implements the WOWZStatusCallback protocol@interfaceViewController()<WOWZStatusCallback>
  1. Add the methods defined by the WOWZStatusCallback protocol to the ViewController class to monitor status updates and errors during a live streaming broadcast.

For additional reference: