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Gocoder iOS SDK : WOWZStateStopping not replace?


I have read the release note for iOS SDK 1.9.0.

I see that the class WOWZStatus change to WOWZBroadcastStatus

The event change to, but I see that an event was not replace : WOWZStateStopping

On the documentation i only see 3 states :

WOWZBroadcastStateIdle = 0, WOWZBroadcastStateReady, WOWZBroadcastStateBroadcasting

I am using WOWZStateStopping, so how can do to migrate to the new version ? How can I trigger when the broadcast is stopping ?

Because it is a breaking change, you’ll need to make a copy of your current app files @Jeremie PERERA, download the 1.9.0 SDK and insert the new SDK license and bundle identifier in your app.

Where any old language for WOWZ State stopping may get auto populated, you need to change it and update it to the current states.

i am sorry but i don’t understand your answer …

The state WOWZStateStopping exist with the new version to trigger when we stop the broadcast ?

Or something similar ?

Hi @Jeremie PERERA, I see what you’re saying. WOWZ StateStopping is not listed anymore in the API documentation, but says on our site it was not replaced. Let me check with tech support and I’ll be back very soon.

Here is the correct answer for you @Jeremie PERERA You will use this state whenever the stream is not yet connected or when it is disconnected.

  switch (goCoderStatus.state) {  

      case WOWZBroadcastStateIdle:
      statusMessage = @"The broadcast is stopped";

Does that help you?

so the old state is just removed. I have to test and see what happens we I am missing the network etc…

Ok so before 1.9.0, when we are loosing network connection, WOWZStateStopping was triggered.

Now with 1.9.0, no state was triggered, only WOWZError, and you can stop writing the video. from their

- (void) onWOWZError:(WOWZBroadcastStatus *) goCoderStatus {