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GoCoder questions in order to identify a request sent to WSE

Hi all,

I am using GoCoder SDK2 for the creation of a Sample App., and I would like to:

1- To receive more than 1 streaming request in my server. At this moment, i am using several Cells in the same network to recreate this, but the streaming my server gets, it’s overrided with the last Cell that send request to server. I would like to get simultaneous request in my server side. Is it possible?

2- In case (1) it is not possible, could i get video file and stream the video file to the server, while it is getting written?

3- Is it possible to identify an incoming request to the WSE, and associate it to a customer? ( Ex.: rewrite the incoming URL with an ID that could identify the current user? )

4- In case none of previous are possible, is it possible within GoCoder SDK, to create dynamic LIVE Applications in WSE?


It sounds like you need to set a unique stream name from each device. If you send the same stream name, from multiple devices, the most recent device to connect will override the existing stream. Is this the issue?