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GoCoder recording only

Hello Wowza Team and users,

I can’t find anything related to my need :

The app I’m currently develloping for both Android and iOs needs to be able to live stream (no issue here) but also to record locally the video without broadcasting it.

Is there a way of setting WOWZMP4Writer for recording only?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @fabrice partamian, I am in need of some clarity on “record locally”. If you use the app with Wowza Streaming Engine, you can record it on your server without broadcasting it. You could also use our SDK with Streaming Cloud which will record it and download it in Cloud, but you could not broadcast it. You could use it on a “ghost player” not available to the public. You could also delete the recording in both Engine and Cloud when you want to.

Does that help you? When you say “locally” do you mean an on premises server and not in the Cloud?

I am not sure about the WOWZMP4 writer, but I am checking into it for you and will reply shortly.

Our SDK engineer said there is no way to change the setting for WOWZAMP4 Writer as it will not work without broadcasting. Your option remains the Engine Or Cloud recording settings as I mentioned below. I hope this helps you.

Hi Rose,

Thanks for your answers, though it doesn’t completely answer my question.

My question was about recording locally on the mobile phone or tablet.

To me, the point of recording on the phone to a MP4 file while broadcasting, is to have a backup file in case of network issue (for example, wifi connexion is lost will shutdown the broadcast). Meaning, is there a way of maintaining the local recording (on the phone) if the connexion is broken while capturing.

Hope this is more clear.

Thanks in advance.

I see. I understand and thank you for the clarification. I did check with our engineers and we do not offer a way to record locally or through the SDK on the phone/tablet. The recording option only is available once it is in Broadcast mode and in the manager.

Let me also check and see if anyone knows of a 3rd party tool that could accomplish this for you should broadcast be disrupted as you suggest.

Hello @fabrice partamian. I have some additional info for you.

If there’s an internet disruption the stream will end and you would have to reconnect the stream when there’s internet again. You can save the video file with the app MP4Writer class -> forward the recording to a network drive such as a S3 bucket. You will still need to stream with WSE or WSC when recording locally on the device with the MP4Writer class.

Here is our GitHub repo on how to configure the MP4Writer class. Thank you for your patience.

Hi Rose,

Thanks again for your answers. I suggest you make it part of futur improvements, internet disruption must be anticipated as most of the time we can’t stop an event because of technical issues…

For those that may be interested, the way to go with android is to use the MediaRecorder android class that allows to record as you are broadcasting to WSE.


I will surely pass this on to the SDK team and thanks for the MediaRecorder tip for the community.