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GoCoder SDK sample app for Android demonstrating camera2 API and real-time shaders

Live streaming with real-time video filters using the GoCoder SDK

A new sample app is available demonstrating use of the GoCoder SDK with Android’s camera2 API with support for real-time video filters based on the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL). The source for the sample app is available on GitHub at the following location:

I am unable to broadcast my stream… getting error that,

E/b: A broadcast component reported the following error during the PREPARE_FOR_BROADCAST transition severity : ERROR error class : WZStreamingError error code : 49 description : A timeout occurred while attempting to connect exception : failed to connect to / (port 1935) after 8000ms

I am also getting the same error. Anyone give the solution

Hi, this error is usually an issue with the device’s connection with the server. You can test if you are able to connect to the server by launching http://[wowza-ip]:1935/ from your device’s browser. You should see the server’s version info.

how can we resolve ths issue… I am getting the same