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Gocoder -> Wowza Cloud -> Wirecast -> Facebook

Hi everyone!

I have to configure quite complicated livestreaming setup. I would like to have multiple mobile phones with GoCoder apps, which feed Wowza Streaming Cloud (WSC), which feeds Wirecast by RTMP. I figured out the way to do this by creating multiple stream targets in WSC with ultra low latency and then pull it by Wirecast. But I also would like to have something like livestream recording to MP4 files which I can download from WSC without stopping the transcoder. The idea is to mix (in Wirecast) “real” livestream (ultra low latency) from one iPhone with “prerecorded” streams from other iPhones.

Do you have any idea how to do that? Thanks in advance!

Hi, if I’m not mistaken Wowza ULL is similar to webrtc however it uses wowza own protocol ( wowz ) by the way it cant be handled non-wowza enviroment such as wirecast, maybe merging stream without wirecast is a way, ie : the webrtc mcu can merge the stream,

so if I were you I will follow 2 way


I publish the stream from mobile via webrtc

merge this webrtc stream into one ( mixing or composite or mcu whatever ) and publish the mixed one to the facebook via rtmp

second way ( alternative not like too much :smiley: )

I publish the stream from mobile with gocoder as you already done,

take the rtsp, generate webrtc stream with rtsp supported webrtc handler ( such as kurento )

mixing them ( again kurento or liveswitch or xms )