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Green defect when playback live streaming on IPAD/IPHONE

Dear Support team

I just did live streaming last night, and I got the problem during streaming, by using IPAD, Iphone the output on the player (I used JW player) become green, my client cannot watch from their IPAD/IPhone at all. However, it seem work well during using flash and play on my desktop. Anything to do for wowza configuration. Please Help Me



Can you describe the stream settings?

1: Video and Audio codec?

2: Frame Rate

3: Bitrate

4: Keyframe interval(GOP length)

For iOS devices, video should be H264, audio should be ACC. If mp3 then the settings should be 44100Hz, 128kbs.

Profile should be set to “baseline”. A GOP length of 2 seconds is recommended.

You can look at this chart to see what frame size to use based on fps.

You can also use the Wowza Transcoder to generate a multi-bitrate set of streams to support different playback clients:

How to set up and run Wowza Transcoder AddOn for live streaming


Great! thanks for the update and glad to be of some help.


Thank you, I got that my video and audio codec are H264 and acc respectively, frame rate is 25 fps and bit rate is 600 bps

and the profile I set into Main before after I change to base line the green defect has gone.

Many Thanks