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Have been using WSE for years and all of a sudden we get "Waiting for Stream" after connecting to stream file

We have seen this a couple of times before but after rebooting the server it works fine. This time we cannot get it to work. We are running 4.7.7 on Server 2012 R2

Sorry you are experiencing this @Amanda Olivier. We don’t have a status alert on this being a known system problem.

Is this happening with certain stream types only like an RTSP stream or .stream file by any chance? Some users have experienced this and had it resolved in a ticket once it was determined it was an issue with the encoder settings, the ports, firewalls and packetizer settings…could be a variety of reasons that it times out in the server.

I don’t see that you have submitted a support ticket yet. Can you please do this right away so we can run some tests and find the problem?

Tech support cannot debug it in forums but will find the cause for you. To investigate further, we’ll need you to zip up your config and logs and submit a ticket.