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HD Webplayer --Supports streaming videos from Wowza

Hi y’all the respected users of WOWZA,

I am honored to introduce a new web player called “HD Webplayer

This is an online video player which supports streaming videos from wowza servers. You would feel the difference if you start using this player. There are three ways by which you could contact the support team of HD Webplayer via Livechat, mail and forum.

You can contact the support team. You need not be a developer to use this product. This is made user friendly that even people who are new to internet could also use this player.

To know more and to see the demo please visit,

Also you could suggest your views and if you feel something is missing also you could suggest the developers and your suggestions would be implemented if it helps to develop the player.


Seems to be a nice player and a lot of options. The installation is pretty simple which took me seconds to stream the videos. I am expecting a documentation for wowza alone so that it could be used for all the users. I look forward to the document. Apart from that this player is simply superb as I like it.

Hope you too like it.

Do you also have your own forum?



I tested free Hdwebplayer and works pretty fine.

Easy to use and configurate, Also email support reply my question really fast

I would like to recomend this player



Thanks for your interest with HD Webplayer. Right now, we don’t have any special document for Wowza but there is a common page that explain configuring RTMP streams with HD Webplayer.

Kindly check it in :

We’ve also support for Load Balancing & Security Token. If you feel the above page isn’t clear, then just let me know what you exactly look for. So, I can help you to get your tasks done with HD Webplayer.

Cheers !!!

yes, You can post your queries in