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Help me configure Wowza for a race car live stream - minimal setup required

I have been developing a streaming video application for auto racing. One key design feature is that the video system needs to ‘just work’ - turnkey operation. It’s ok to configure the server I use prior to the race days, but once a race day starts, its hands off.

The server is OBS running on a PI5. I bring in a few video sources and produce an output for streaming.
When a segment of racing is over, power is cut in the pits causing the pi to cleanly stop streaming; stop recording and shut down nicelt. Right before the car goes back out again power is restored, the PI boots OBS and streaming and recording are again started.

I am having a hard time figuring out the best way for Wowza to be configured in this application. Id like Wowza to deliniate the stints automatically in the asset list. I’d also like Wowza to record the stints (even though the PI is recording them also with OBS).

I feel as though this is a basic configuration, but still have trouble gettting everything to reliably work. I have even moved off Wowza to YouTube, but this is even worse trying to simplif the starting and stoping of stints/vieo segments.



please open a support ticket from your account, so we can help in your individual use case.

Also include your conf and log files please, wich will help in getting out a quick answer.

Bernd Backhaus
Wowza Support
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