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Help regarding IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2

Hi ,

My Setup consists of multiple origin servers and multiple edge servers . A stream can go to any of the origin servers . And when published reconnects the origin server might change (depending of loadbalancer). So on Edge Application i have a custom module which uses IMediaStreamNameAliasProvider2 interface and this helps to resolve streams to proper origin servers. I have kep my code in the following method.

public String resolveStreamAlias(IApplicationInstance appInstance, String name, IMediaCaster mediaCaster).

this method recieves “wowz://localhost:1935/live/definst/myStream” as name and it return “wowz://originIp:1935/live/definst/myStream” . Problem with this approach comes when origin server changes for any stream . I have observed that Edge applications give call to resolveStreamAlias only once in their lifetime for any particular stream Hence they continue to pull stream from old origin server . How to make sure that Edge applications always finds proper origin server url for pulling streams.


Hi Guarav,

We have received your ticket regarding this and will follow up with you via that process.