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Help with getting our Wowza server to post "remaining time" to clients


We have a project using Wowza EC2 instances for both live streaming and on demand streaming. All clients are iPads which means Cupertino Streaming.

There’s a requirement in our project to display a countdown that counts towards the end of the item in the playlist.

For this purpose, and in order to have the countdown synchronized with buffer time, we decided to have countdown updates sent every second via text events.

We require help with building a module for Wowza that would successfully send text events (ID3 tags in our case of Cupertino Streaming). These events need to be triggered every second and sent to all streaming, both live and VOD. These events need to be received properly by MPMoviePlayerController.

We need require this module built by Feb 15th.

Feel free to ask me further questions about the job: yuval at