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High CPU Utilization & Response Time on Wowza Server

We are facing very high response time in delivering the chunks ( Chunk Size 6 sec) to requested server. Whenever there is request/network utilization on Wowza server for more than 2.5 -3 Gbps, response time increases to 20-30 sec and when utilization is less than 2 Gbps , response time is less than 1 sec . At same time CPU Utilization increases from 10 % to 70% . And most of CPU is consumed by java process.

We are using HP DL 380 Gen 8 with 192 GB RAM and CPU 48 Cores. Network Interface is of 20 Gbps bonding.

OS is CentOS 6.5 with Kernel Version 2.6.32-431.el6.x86_64.

Wowza Version : 4.2.0

We are using Wowza for VOD Content Streaming into HLS.


Have you already run through the tuning guide?

Performance Tuning Guide

The latest installers starting with 4.2.0 include a tuned version of Java but if the installation but with a system that has a large amount of CPU cores like this, it may still be helpful to run through the manual tuning instructions.

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Hy anish. Did you find any solution to your problem? I also have high spec server, 24 cpus, 24gb ram, 20gbps nic. But then traffic goes beyong 2gbps, streams start to pixelate. Cpu utilization of single cpu reaches 90% and other 23 cpus are under 20%. Done all the tuning steps mentiined by wowza articles but in vain. Any help pls