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HLS going up on live streaming apps

it is 2 days now that sometimes the server load goes high and high the cause seems to be that some apps on live streaming go from normal to 1000’s viewers.

not only one app, but the apps that are active do that, it is on HLS and I have no explanation, the apps are all limited to the number of viewers, so they should be blocked,


the server is centos and wowza is the latest.


Hi @Paul Santos, are these real viewers or do you suspect some sort of leeching or (DDOS) attack? And how have you limited the number of viewers per App?

I think it is not realvisitors, and yes the app is limited to 300 viewers, some years ago this also happened and the viewwers was like 50k. it is not real some kind of loop.

Hello, have you solved it? I have exactly the same problem, around 6000 viewers in 1 live streaming app. I have to reboot the server to work again

Hi @Reily Eduu, do you by chance have a CDN behind the Wowza server for the distribution? If you want to Hire a Consultant to have a look at your setup, you may contact us at