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HLS Live Warning

The following warning occurred in HLS Live. HLS live playback was interrupted intermittently. Please tell me the cause and how to deal with it.

MPEGDashWriterHandler.startChunk[chunkIdHandler.onAssignChunkId][live/_definst_/livestream20191105]: repeated chunk id 4 at timecode 39866

MPEGDashWriterHandler.startChunk[chunkIdHandler.onAssignChunkId][live/_definst_/livestream20191105]: chunk ids skipping forward possibly due to dropped frames; previous chunk id: 4, nextChunkId: 6 at timecode 51866

Sorry you’re receiving an error @Yuji Suzuki. Official support and debugging is not provided in the forums. You’ll need to submit a support ticket so we can view your entire config and complete log reports to properly identify the issue and resolve it.

Thank you.