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HLS over HTTPS problem with Android


These past few days I have searched the forum for a solution to my problem but to no avail. There are some similar issues but none of them helped me.

I am streaming via HLS over HTTPS (I have my own certificate) with Flowplayer 7.

I am trying to test the compatibility on Android devices, but the message that I get from Flowplayer is ‘Video file not found’. I have no issue with desktop browsers, so I am focusing first to cross out server side problems.

Android seems to work perfectly fine with HLS over HTTP.

I did try to have absolute paths in the chunklist and used this properties:

cupertinoHttpRedirectEnabled = true,

cupertinoPlaylistHostProtocol = https,

cupertinoChunkHostProtocol = https

That I found in another question thread, but that didn’t work for me. I mean that the code worked, but it didn’t resolve my issue.

Does anybody have any other ideas on this? Since HLS means #apple, can this be the problem for Android devices?

Thanks in advance

Hello everyone

So after some extensive check I traced a firewall issue at port 443.

Everything seems to be working fine now.

Best regards