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How can I add another Ethernet connection to my Wowza server?

I would like to add another ethernet interface to my Wowza server. Currently, I have several encoders on a LAN sending RTSP to my server. I’d like to add a second interface, that is connected to a separate LAN with encoders on it. However, when I add the second interface, the first (original) interface no longer appears in the Application Connection settings. How can I add a second IP interface without interfering with the first one? Also, must I use a different port for the second interface? For instance, can I have
First interface:
Second interface:
…or must it be:

@Steiny If you use a wildcard symbol for your streaming HostPort in VHost.xml, Wowza will listen for all available interfaces:

  • IpAddress - IP address or domain name of the address that Wowza Streaming Engine will listen to for incoming requests. If IpAddress is set to the wildcard (*) character, the server will try to listen for incoming connections on all available network interfaces.

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Purchase an additional Ethernet adapter that is compatible with your server and the operating system it runs. Make sure to choose an adapter that supports the required speed and connectivity standards (e.g., Gigabit Ethernet).

Install the Ethernet adapter: Power down your server and open the case according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Locate an available PCI slot or an appropriate port for connecting the Ethernet adapter. Insert the adapter into the slot or connect it to the port firmly and securely. Close the server case.

Thanks, Jason- I can see that if I use the wildcard for the IP, then I don’t have to worry about the port value either.