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How can I config log4j for send wowza logs?


I want to send the wowza logs to a remote server that has a logstash installed. For that, I want to use log4j but doesn´t work, this is my config:

Access appender (UDP) - uncomment and add to rootCategory list on first line log4j.appender.serverAccessUDP=com.wowza.wms.logging.UDPAppender log4j.appender.serverAccessUDP.remoteHost=x.x.x.x

log4j.appender.serverAccessUDP.port=5678 log4j.appender.serverAccessUDP.layout=com.wowza.wms.logging.ECLFPatternLayout log4j.appender.serverAccessUDP.layout.Fields=x-severity,x-category,x-event;date,time,c-client-$ log4j.appender.serverAccessUDP.layout.OutputHeader=true log4j.appender.serverAccessUDP.layout.QuoteFields=false log4j.appender.serverAccessUDP.layout.Delimeter=tab

We currently have no support for logstash. We do have a list of logging methods and destinations in a previous forum post.

More information on Wowza Streaming Engine logging can be found at the url below.

I did a search to see if Wowza Streaming Engine can deliver content to logstash and found two articles.