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How can I stop streaming?

I am going to start live streaming from OBS studio through pc and I want to stop that live streaming from my android application using Wowza Gocoder sdk. How can I do it? Please help me.

Use the endStreaming method, more info here -

Hi Team ,

Thanks for quick response . We have already went through the given link and implemented this solutions to our project . But we stuck at one point, let me describe in detail .

We are using wowza gocoder sdk to stream from our app to Wowzastreaming engine server which is working fine .

Now we want to manage streams from external source like OBS studio . So in present scenario we are identified that stream has been started from OBS studio and we generated thumb using api from our APP .

But we are unable to stop any streaming runningfromOBS studio source .

We manually configured (host, port, streamname, username, password ) WowzaConfig just to get stream in active state so we can deactivate it .

After implementing above solution we stuck at the point where its not moving to active state from idle state . We want active state because then only we will be able to deactivate from wowza gocoder sdk.

We are also providing some screen which will help you to understand our scenario .

Our main objective is to just stop active streaming from external source like OBS studio at the moment .

Thank You ,


Has anyone got a suggestion? (since the “endStreaming method” does not work here)

Let me ask the engineers. Be back soon…

So are you asking if you can stop the OBS stream from the GoCoder SDK and the answer is you cannot. There is no API call to connect the two. Are you using Streaming Cloud or Streaming Engine with the SDK? There may be a way to do it there as the middle man and stop the OBS stream as a publisher. Once that stops and disconnects there may be a way to build a listener for that action with the SDK.

Let me know if you’re using Cloud or Engine.

We start the stream using the app (gocoder sdk), pass the (url, stream name, and credentials) to OBS on the pc. The broadcaster streams to that url/stream address until finished, then the app is supposed to tell wowza to shut down the stream it created (using gocoder sdk), and then the broadcast is finished. It is the same as our regular broadcast except the stream is coming from OBS.

We are using Streaming engine.

Gotcha. Thanks for the additional info @Scott Hooten. Let me pass that info on.

One more question though. What version of the SDK are you using for Android? I see some things that have been deprecated.

It should be the latest version of the SDK. Which methods were being used but depreciated?

The WOWZStatus and WOWZStatusCallback classes are no longer publicly available.

For broadcast, as of version 1.9.0, use WOWZBroadcastStatus and WOWZBroadcastCallback classes with these states:

  • BroadcastState.IDLE
  • BroadcastState.READY
  • BroadcastState.BROADCASTING (replaces WOWZStatus.RUNNING)

But, I don’t think it’s relevant here from what I can see.

So you did try this just to confirm:

// Stop the broadcast that is currently broadcasting

from here:

Yes, that was attempted.

Ok, I’ll have an engineer take a look. Thanks for the communication.

Hi Rose, Any word from the engineer?

I just sent another message to have someone reach out to you with an idea since we may not be the best SDK for this. Sorry they didn’t do it yet!

Im a bit all-in on the sdk, built everything around the gocoder sdk and the wowza streaming engine, so hope we can make it work. When we do broadcasts with our app using the camera phone (which works perfectly), the app does almost everything the same (creates new stream id, streams to the wowza server, finishes the stream) except when when using OBS the stream comes from there instead of the phones camera. So, we should be able to work this out.

Scott, please check your email as the engineer sent you important information last night regarding the SDK. You may need to search your spam. The email was from Jamie Sherry at Wowza. Thanks.

Its hard to believe that there would be no way to tell the Wowza server to shut down a stream. Our app’s feature set is 99% done, just need to fix this one bug. Hoping you can help me, since were pretty much married to wowza at this point. :slight_smile:

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