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How can i use laptop webcam for live video streaming on facebook

I am new to wowza , I willing to use wowza for live video streaming on facebook using my laptop webcam. I have followed this link:

But i am unable to setup in localhost

I have downloaded file from your website and stream lock file. I have used nginx to server html file from webrtc(extracted) folder. I am able to see video of myself but i want to publish this video to facebook. Could anybody guide me how can i use laptop webcam for live video streaming on facebook


Thanks for contacting the Wowza Community.

For webcam streaming to Facebook, WebRTC will not work.

Here is an article on streaming to Facebook using Engine.

You will need to install an encoding software on your computer. Like Wirecast or OBS or FMLE. Once installed, you can then stream to Facebook via the article. Here is an article on Encoders.

Hope this helps


I have webrtc stream enabled in my app. I have set target stream to facebook and youtube. Both of them become active but i am unable to see any live video streaming. youtube stream health says:

The audio stream is encoded with an unsupported codec. Please set the audio codec for the stream to a supported codec (AAC, MP3). The ingestion stream contains multiple video streams, but it must only contain one video stream. The audio stream’s current bitrate (64.00 Kbps) is lower than the recommended bitrate. We recommend that you use an audio stream bitrate of 128 Kbps.