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How can I use Wowza Player Builder without a Wowza Player account?

I do not have a Wowza Player account directly. Instead, I have access to a licensed Wowza server and player through a media streaming reseller company ( , using StreamCP/MediaCP). So I have a Wowza key assigned to me, and I can see a demo of Wowza player (using my live streaming source) that works fine.

I would like to customize the player, especially its width and height. (The demo JS code I have access to simply creates a full-screen player.) But I do not know how to do this, nor have I been able to find out what JSON directives I can include in the WowzaPlayer.create() call.

The Wowza site encourages me to use the “Wowza Player Builder” to configure my player. ( But I cannot do that, because I cannot login without a Wowza Player Account. Nor can I create one. If I try, I get:

“Thank you for your interest in the Wowza Player.
To access the player, you must have active maintenance and support for Wowza Streaming Engine™ or Wowza Streaming Cloud™. If your maintenance and support has expired, please renew now.”

So what can I do? How can I figure out how to configure my Wowza Player?

Thanks to anyone who can help!