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How can wowza check input signal

How can Wowza check that an input signal (even a signal composed of a stream file) is coming in?

If you’re using a .stream file to pull a stream in to ingest it, once that .stream file is started, Wowza will connect to the source. If the connection is unsuccessful, Wowza will continually retry the connection until the .stream file is stopped and this pull method is known as a MediaCaster Stream.

This means that it’s a best practice to stop the .stream file when the source isn’t available. For example, if you know that the IP camera you were ingesting is now turned off so there’s no signal to be ingested by the .stream file, you would stop the .stream file (MediaCaster Stream).

The log file will show if the .stream file is successful or reconnecting to the source.

Please let me know if this answers your question.

Jason Hilton
Senior Technical Support Engineer
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