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How do a capture a screen through WebRTC?


So i have a base Wowza WebRTC example up and running for a webcam streaming, works fine. I can stream my webcam and play it both through WebRTC, and other methods such as RTMP.

What do i need to change in them to capture my screen instead of a webcam? If it’s only compatible with Chrome i’m fine with that.



Hello @Natalia Rodkina, UPDATE: Wowza now supports Screenshare for WebRTC:

  1. To share your screen, click the arrow next to the video camera icon, select Screen Share , and then select which content to share. To toggle back to video, click Stop sharing or select a different option under Input Camera .

Instructions are here in this doc and there is an embedded video tutorial as well showing how to screenshare and configure composite layout.

@Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager

Hello Rose,

  1. Can we combine the Audio from the Webcam and the Screen Capture simultaneously ?
  2. Can we combine the Audio-Video from the Webcam and the Screen Capture simultaneously ?

Wowza does not currently support screen capture with WebRTC. I’ve added this as a feature request. We are currently focused on webcam capture only. Please keep in mind that some WebRTC features are limited by what browser you are using for push/publish as well.

I bumped into this while searching something else. Switching inputs seems to be the client’s concern, not Wowza’s. As of January 2021, that is totally possible, works and looks fine, at least with Chrome.