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How often is it appropriate to call WowzaGoCoder::sendPingRequest on IOS?

Does it matter if I call sendPingRequest repeatedly over short intervals,1 or 2 seconds during broadcast? I’m not sure, but if I make a short request ping repeatedly, the broadcast stops sometimes. then but WOWZBroadcastStatus isn’t changed. the status keep on broadcasting. but sendPingRequest don’t more work, no response.

so I want to know if this is the wrong usage that call WowzaGoCoder::sendPingRequest often repeatedly.

Checking for you @Eugene Jeong

Can you provide more details on your use case and also are you using Cloud or Engine on a trial or with a license? There can be API limits, but I need more info. Thanks.

The API limits would only apply to how often someone is trying to connect to the stream from same IP address so that would not be the issue here.

Some additional info for you @Eugene Jeong. That WOWZA BroadcastStatus is internal within the SDK, so it shouldn’t be causing the stream to stop. Can you remove that callback and test to see if there is still an issue with the stream stopping?

The suggestion from the engineers is that perhaps it is being called incorrectly within your code and causing a break, but pinging it 1 to 2 seconds as long as it is a sound loop should not be an issue.

Let us know the results of your test. Thanks.