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How to add a second network interface?

I would like to add another ethernet interface to my Wowza server. Currently, I have several encoders on a LAN sending RTSP to my server. I’d like to add a second interface, that is connected to a separate LAN with encoders on it. However, when I add the second interface, the first (original) interface no longer appears in the Application Connection settings. How can I add a second IP interface without interfering with the first one? Also, must I use a different port for the second interface? For instance, can I have
First interface:
Second interface:
…or must it be:

@Branden_Spikes If you use a wildcard symbol for your streaming HostPort in VHost.xml, Wowza will listen for all available interfaces:

  • IpAddress - IP address or domain name of the address that Wowza Streaming Engine will listen to for incoming requests. If IpAddress is set to the wildcard (*) character, the server will try to listen for incoming connections on all available network interfaces.