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How to add EXT-X-SESSION-KEY in playlist.m3u8 for iOS FPS offline playback?

I’m trying to enable offline playback of DRM protected content on iOS devices. as per apple documentation it requires EXT-X-SESSION-KEY tag in playlist to persist / pre-fetch all the keys

can anyone help me how to set this up in wowza streaming engine?

Checking for you @Harshal Khairnar and will post shortly.

Thank you @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager for looking into it. please guide me through this.

You’re welcome. Sorry for the delay- the engineers are looking into an alternative for you since we don’t yet support the EXT-X-SESSION-KEY. But, I will post again when I have an option for you to try…probably by the end of the day @Harshal Khairnar.

Apologies @sudharsan thiru, we do not support the EXT-X-SESSION-KEY at this time.

In the meantime, you can look into implementing a custom workflow where you can create your own playlists using a custom Apple HLS stream target.

You can alternatively create the playlist.m3u8 file only using third-party tools, and have it reference the chunklist URI in the playlist generated by Wowza.

Players would initially request this high-level manifest file with the EXT-X-SESSION-KEY tag, and then request the chunklist.m3u8 URI found in the high-level manifest.

The request for this feature has been submitted to the Engine team.

OK. thank you for your response on this. Please let know when engine team adds this feature.