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A short background:

  • We will on a linux-server have a number of slides stored in a folder, and a mysql-database with all the slide names and the current active slide. The database will also have the server/application/streamname of a livestream.

  • We have a Wowza Streaming Engine.

The wowza-module must work like this:

  • When a slide is marked as active in the database the module will show the slide as a overlay on the Wowza stream.

  • When no slides are active the overlay will disappear.

This can be done by programming a module for the Wowza Streaming Engine.


Where we have the live stream, and the graphic overlay are the slides.

The module must be programmed so we can push slideimage to the module, and give signal for activating/deactivation the overlay with the slide to the modul.

Hi, I’m authorized Wowza consultant and have worked with Wowza Transcoder and overlays a lot and can probably work on your task.

Please contact me at to discuss the project.