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How to change default naming template in live recording


We are running Wowza engine 4.1 and are using streamtype live-record in the application.xml of our application to record our live stream automatically.

If the streamname is “livetest”, then the recorded clip will be “livetest.mp4”, “livetest_01.mp4” and so on.

Is it possible to customize the filename(template) so the recorded clip will use streamname, date and time.

So the clips will look like this:






It is possible to create a custom Wowza module which can use the ILiveStreamRecordFileVersionDelegate.

Please take a look at the How to record live streams (HTTPLiveStreamRecord) forum article, in the Recording live streams programmatically paragraph where you can find a sample code of such a module.


Hello Marius, and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

There is not a configurable way to change naming conventions of recordings using StreamType live-record, but you can alter the file name of the recording programatically when it is done recording using IMediaWriterActionNotify

The HTTP Live stream record features have more options for how to record and name files.

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We use Wirecast 5 as encoder and stream with x264. When we use the ModuleAutoRecordAdvancedExample in modules, the audio and video in the recorded clip get out of sync. This also happens when we stream with H264, but the sync difference is minor.

This was not a problem in wowza 3.6, where also used a recording module.

If we use streamtype live-record audio and video is in sync.

I will try to start the record with a http call to see if there is a difference.



If I use Wowza Streaming Engine Manager to start recording of a incoming x264 stream, audio and video is in sync in the clip.

If I use HTTP Live Stream Record with http url queries before the x264 stream is started, audio and video is out of sync in the clip.

If I use HTTP Live Stream Record with http url queries after the x264 stream is started, audio and video is in sync in the clip.

What is going wrong here?

Maybe recording starts to early, need to delay it.



We resolved this problem by making the recording process wait(threading in java) for 10 seconds after the “onpublish” event.

So now we can use x264 in Wirecast without it getting out of sync on the recording.

If there is an other event we can listen for when it comes to recording, let me know. Or if someone know how the recording process is done when using streamtype “live-record” in application.xml.


You should be able to use the streamRecorderFileVersionTemplate property to set the template string as the value, using the VersionDelegate information in the article Zoran linked above. Try the following:

In Application.xml / /:

streamRecorderFileVersionTemplate</Name ${SourceStreamName}_${SegmentNumber} String

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